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Survey Village is a survey and opinion platform where you get paid to answer their questions and complete their surveys. Their slogan is – Receive • Respond • Reward – pretty neat way to put it!

About Survey Village

Survey Village is a free to join survey platform that conducts market and social research for a large number of Australian brands. Brands reach out to Survey Village with a range of questions for a certain demographic of people, Survey Village then sends out the questions to members with matching profiles and forwards their responses back to the brand. The brand pays a fee to Survey Village, and Survey Village gives some of that fee to it’s members.

They’re owned by McNair yellowSquares who’ve been conducting market research in Australia for nearly 80 years now. They’ve worked with some big brand names including Nestle, Stockland, LG, SBS, and the Australian Government.

Survey Village Parent's Company Partners
Survey Village Parent’s Company Partners

On top of traditional surveys, if you join Survey Village you can also participate in telephone research, group discussion, personal interviews, mystery shopping, and in-home product testing – all earning you rewards and cash.

Is Survey Village Legit?

100% they are! The parent company (McNair YellowSquares Pty Ltd) have been registered as an official corporation in Australia since 2001.

As for Survey Village themselves, they’ve been an operational survey platform for Aussies for nearly 10 years now, and there are many positive reviews (although a few bad ones as well) about their surveys and payments.

How Much Can You Earn?

Similar to many of the other survey sites in Australia, you’ll get around $1-$5 depending on the type of review and the length. But! And this one’s a big but! Survey Village conduct some quite unique exercises where the payouts are MUCH higher.

For example, they sometimes conduct group discussions which last between 1-2 hours. If you’re lucky enough to get selected for one, you could walk away with $60-$120.

Another very unique one is the Accompanied Shopping Trip. Kind of like when you use to accompany your Mum to the shopping centre on Saturdays!

If you’re chosen for one of these, you can get paid between $30-$150. More info on exactly what this is below.

What Kind Of Surveys Do They Have?

From all the survey platforms I’ve signed up for and participated in, Survey Village has the most diverse range of research activities, by far.

Yes, they have the traditional surveys you fill out online, but there are a few other types they have as well:

  • Telephone research – An interview between 2 and 30 minutes
  • In-depth personal interviews – between 20 and 1.5 hours (this may be over the phone or in-person)
  • Mystery shopping – interacting with a retail store (call or buying something in their store) and taking notes of your experience
  • In-product home testing – they’ll send you a product, you’ll use it for a bit, then they’ll ask you to fill out some surveys

Here’s a short video explainer:

How Does Survey Village Pay

Unfortunately, there’s only a single way you’ll be able to redeem your earnings. For one, the earnings are called Reward Dollars, which they say are worth less than $0.00001!

Once you do have the required balanced to redeem your earnings, the only way you can actually get your money out is through a Flexi eGift Card.

If you’ve been in the survey game for a bit, you likely already know what these are. If you haven’t, here’s what they’re all about:

Flexi eGift Card

A Flexi eGift Card is a popular option for survey platforms to reward their users with.

When you receive one, you’ll be able to spend it at a wide range of retail and department stores.

Some Of The Rewards On Survey Village
Some Of The Rewards On Survey Village

A few of them include Coles, David Jones, Myer, JB Hi-Fi, Kmart and more. Click here for a full list of all the stores that are available.

Do They Do Anything Special?

Other than the interesting research studies you may be able to participate in, it doesn’t look like it.

There’s no mention about any giveaways or prizes or anything like that on their website.

What Do I Think About Survey VIllage?

From what I have experienced with them, it’s been OK. Not that great…I think they could really update how their website and questionnaires look and feel. It seems quite outdated to me.

I think if they did that (and send me more surveys) I’d like them a bit better. But that’s just me.

What Do Other People Think?

Unfortunately, there are very few reviews of their platform by other survey takers on the internet.

And those that have posted reviews, have shared quite negative experiences:

I have sent them about 10 emails and they never respondMark, Date Unknowned

I have completed 2 surveys, one at the end of August and one on 12 September and have not been paid for either Janet, Date Unknown

Sign up

Click below to head to their website and start the signup process.

Grace Moore

Hi there! I'm Grace - I'm a stay at home Mum living just outside of Melbourne. I have two boys, 5 & 8 years old (both are little rascals!). I do surveys and a few other things online to help out my family financially and blog about it here at HomeBee. Got a question? Ask me in the comments below!

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