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Purkle (formally 9 Rewards) is an online surveys and opinion platform for Aussies and New Zealanders. You share your opinion, earn rewards, and redeem those rewards for gift vouchers.

About Purkle

Formally called 9 Rewards, Purkle is now one of Australia’s most reputable reward sites. You can earn Purkle Dollars for completing a range of tasks including taking surveys, viewing or watching advertisements, and purchasing products and services.

On the odd occasion, you may also be asked to participate in a focus group which will come with a far larger reward, but more on this below.

Regular Competitions Held On Purkle's Website
Regular Competitions Held On Purkle’s Website

In addition to their reward system, they also host competitions. In 2018, Purkle had multiple $2,500 Quarterly Prize Draws, an October Bonanza where they gave away 50 x $20 JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards, and a special Christmas competition where three lucky Purkle members won an extra $1,000 to spend on presents. Pretty good!

Is Purkle Legit?

Definitely. Purkle is owned by TEG Insights – which is in the same group of companies that Ticketek themselves are in (which is why one of their main vouchers you can get is a Ticketek voucher).

Teg Insights Pty Ltd Logo
Teg Insights Pty Ltd Logo

They’ve been around for many years now, with Nine Rewards previously being one of the most popular opinion platforms in Australia.

Over the years, they’ve built up a sound reputation amongst Aussies trying to make a bit of extra cash online. Over the more recent years, they’ve also expanded to New Zealand, letting our neighbours join in the survey fun.

How Much Can You Earn?

Quite a bit actually (at least compared to other sites). And it’s highest, I was earning around $10-$15/week for a few weeks straight. Which adds up to nice little $60/month to add to the budget, perfect to account for any small unexpected expenses or a special trip to the movies!

Please keep in mind that just because that’s what I was able to earn sometimes, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do so as well. You could earn more, you could earn less – it all depends on the number of companies Purkle has partnered with that want your opinion.

What Kind Of Activites Does Purkle Have?

Most of the time, you’ll just receive the normal types of surveys in your inbox. You’ll click on a link, complete the survey, and receive a reward. If you don’t qualify, you still get a $0.20 non-qualify reward which is pretty nice of them.

On the very rare occasion, you may be asked if you’d like to be in a focus group or have a telephone interview. I’ve never been in one myself yet..they say their clients are very particular about the people in these so don’t expect to get them often. If you are, do expect to get paid quite a bit more than usual though!

Sometimes they also send out special offers. These are special promos for goods and services they have for their members. All you have to do is click on the link, see what it is, and you’ll be rewarded (whether or not you buy the offer). Pretty cool!

How Does Purkle Payout?

There are quite a few different ways you can cash out your Purkle Dollars.

The most popular one is the Purkle Gift Card. It’s just a fancy way of saying the Flexi eGift Card. Survey platforms love this method of paying their members and it’s quite easy for all involved.

The Purkle Egift Card Is The Same As The Flexi Gift Cards
The Purkle Egift Card Is The Same As The Flexi Gift Cards

There are plenty of different stores for you to spend your money if you pick this one. See a list of all of them here.

Purkle also has a few more unique vouchers available for you. They say you can choose from the following vouchers:

  • Ticketek
  • Hoyts
  • Event Cinemas
  • XBOX 360 Points
  • Chemist Warehouse
  • Woolworths

But in the time I’ve spent with them, I’ve only ever seen the Ticketek, Hoyts, and Chemist Warehouse vouchers available to be redeemed.

Some Of The Rewards Available
Some Of The Rewards Available

Maybe it change depending on who they’re clients are or simply what they have left over! Who knows 😛

Does Purkle Do Anything Special?

They do! Purkle has quite an active Facebook page where you can keep up to date on any of the competitions and updates about them.

Past Competition Winners At Purkle
Past Competition Winners At Purkle

One of the biggest competitions they run is a $2,500 Quarterly Giveaway. I think they’ve only just started it because there have only been three winners so far (at least that’s all there is on the winner’s page). If they have just started it, this is fantastic news! It means the company is doing pretty well.

What Do I Think About Purkle?

Probably one of the best experiences I’ve had out of any of the survey platforms out there. I know I know! Big call, but it’s true.

Nearly every encounter I’ve had with their platform has been smooth sailing all the way. Besides the surprise little questionnaire after the initial signup (you get paid for it though so it’s not that bad!), I haven’t had any issues.

Payments have come through on time, there’s plenty of surveys to go around, and the amount they give you make it actually worth your time. Something that doesn’t come around too often with platforms that reward you for your opinion.

The only small gripe I have is that they’re too damn popular! If you’re even a day late, heck if you’re 12 hours too late to complete a survey, many of the times they’ve already gathered all the data they need. As in, so many people have already completed the survey that they don’t need any more. So turn on notifications for their emails or you’ll end up missing out a lot.

What Do Other People Think About Purkle?

Purkle is definitely one of the most popular, or at least the most highly rated platforms in Australia. There are no reports of not paying rewards, not sending surveys, and not responding to questions. In fact, there are no reports of anything!

I couldn’t find any reviews on Purkle anywhere else on the internet. So let’s hear what you have to say! I’d love to hear about your experience with them. Write a review down below.

So how do I know they’re one of the top rated if no one’s left any reviews? Simply because of that. If there were any bad things to say about them, people would definitely be saying them!

Company information

Purkle is owned by TEG Insights Pty Limited which was registered in Nov 2007.

ACN 128 328 369ABN 78 128 328 469

Their offices are located at Level 3, 175 Liverpool Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.

The company directors are as follows:

  • Sandra Rouse (Australia)
  • Geoffrey Jones (Australia)

You can contact them on:

Sign Up

Interested in joining Purkle? Go for it! You’ll be taking surveys and earning rewards in no time. Signing up is pretty easy and you’ll be done before you know it.

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