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MyView is a desktop platform and mobile (I-Say on mobile) where you receive rewards to complete surveys and questionnaires. For each survey you complete, you earn MyView Points which you can exchange for gift cards and pre-paid EFTPOS cards.

About MyView

MyView is one of the more traditional paid surveys. Meaning the main part of joining their website will be you taking surveys, earning rewards, and then redeeming those rewards for a range of items – mostly gift cards.

In saying that, they do have a few little extras where you can earn more rewards. Some of these include regular competitions and polls you can participate in. There are plenty of Australian winners bringing in 20,000 and even 100,000 MyView points in these competitions. You can check out some of the past winners here.

Myview Is Owned By Ipsos
MyView Is Owned By Ipsos

MyView is powered by one of the largest market research companies in the world, Ipsos. They say they send out more than 70 million surveys each year, providing the answer to over 5,000 different brands and companies in more than 100 countries. Now that’s a lot of surveys.

If you want your opinion to influence Australia’s future products and services, joining MyView and sharing your opinion is a great way to do so. In return, MyView knows your opinion is valuable and are going to reward you for your time and effort.

Is MyView Legit?

Yep – MyView and their parent company – Ipsos – have been around for many years and provide millions of legitimate paid surveys to their members each year.

I-View Pty Ltd (owner of MyView in Australia) was first registered as an Australian company back in 2003. They have offices, as well a director who resides in Australia so you can call them up whenever you please.

Their Android app has a 4-star rating with over 16,500 reviews. And there are hundreds of reports of users being successfully paid out for the surveys they’ve completed with MyView.

How Much Can You Earn?

It all depends on if you fit the demographic they’re looking for and how often companies request them to send out surveys to your demographic. I’ve have been getting about 4 surveys a month. Each survey has been around 300 points or so (some more, some less).

How The Survey System At Myview Work
How The Survey System At MyView Work

All in all, that equates to an extra $10-$15/month in my bank. It’s not going to pay off the mortgage or buy me a trip to Fiji, but adding it all up with all the other surveys I do – it leaves plenty more wiggle room for us in the budget.

Unfortunately, there’s no way for me to tell you whether you are going to make the same amount, a lower amount, or a much higher amount. All you can do is signup to their platform, do some surveys, and see whether it’s for you or not.

What Kind Of Surveys Do They Have?

If you don’t like multiple choice, MyView isn’t for you. Seriously – just about every second question I got has been multiple choice with 8+ answers.

Other than that, most of them are your typical survey questionnaires. Wanting to know what types of products you purchase, have you heard of any of these brands, what type of lifestyle you live etc.

How Does MyView Pay?

In MyView Points. According to their calculations – 200,000 points is worth $2,000 AUD (from the monthly competition – more on this below). Meaning 1 point is worth $0.01 or 100 points is worth $1.00

MyView Points can be redeemed for a fairly large range of gift cards. Here are a few that you can get paid with:

  • Wish eGift Card
    • $50 – 5,000 points
    • $20 – 2,000 points
  • JB Hi-Fi eGift Card
    • $20 – 2,000 points
  • Pre-Paid EFTPOS Card
    • $20 – 2,300 points
    • $100 – 10,200 points
  • Itunes Gift Card
    • $20 – 2,300 points
    • $50 – 5,200 points

More stores which are available include Hoyts, Kathmandu, Supercheap Auto, Dymocks, Jetstar, and even Uber! Can you imagine catching a ride home one night and thinking to yourself – “I paid for this doing surveys!” – that’d be an interesting conversation starter!

Also – did you notice the EFTPOS Gift Card option? Yep – that means you can basically exchange the points for cash instead of a gift card tied to a certain store. Not too shabby!

But just a heads up – you need a minimum of 2,000 points before you can get paid for all the surveys and polls you’ve taken.

Does MyView Do Anything Special?

They certainly do – they have a monthly giveaway worth $2,000 each month. They say it’s $2,000 but it’s actually just 200,000 in MyView Points which say they are worth a total of $2,000 AUD (which led to the calculation above).

Some Of The Previous Winners At Myview
Some Of The Previous Winners At MyView

Feel free to check out a list of the past winners here.

There is also a special program where you can donate your points to charity but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you really do want to donate, cash out first and then give your money to the charity.

What Do I Think About MyView?

I’ve received multiple payouts from them (no issues with the lack of surveys when I get near the redeemable balance). And the one time I did have a question about their system, their support got back to me in an ok timeframe (it was within a week).

One thing that did surprise me a little though, was instead of just sending you the survey straight away and getting you to fill it out, they actually send you a pre-survey survey…if that makes sense.

Basically, on top of all the information you give them when signing up and completing your profile, you need to qualify for the real survey again by completing a mini-survey. I think they just want to make sure you really are the right person they’re looking for one more time.

If you don’t qualify for the real survey, thankfully you still get rewarded. It’s a very small amount though – only 5 points (which is nearly nothing).

What Do Other People Think?

There aren’t many reviews of the Australian version of MyView (the US version is much bigger) but I did manage to find a few others who’ve shared the experience with them:

Vouchers that used to be delivered electronically such as Myview money are now delivered by Australia Post Rose, Apr 2018

I have had some great personal success using it, and many other Australian’s have found the same. David, Apr 2018

Made me change my password because they didn’t like it. Paul, Dec 2018

Sign up

If you’d like to give MyView a go, tap the button to get started.

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