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MyOpinions (or My Opinions) claims to be the #1 Paid Survey Platform in Australia. But are they really so? Continue reading this MyOpinions review to find out if they deserve the title or not!

About MyOpinions

MyOpinions has been sending out surveys to Australians way back since 2008 (at least that’s when the internet started archiving their website). So it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing. Interestingly enough, they’re owned by a company over in the United States called Survey Sampling International, LLC.

The Original Myopinions Website In 2008
The Original MyOpinions Website In 2008

They own a huge range of different survey website as well including Opinion Outpost, Survey Spot, QuickThoughts, OpinionWorld, Save With Surveys, Your Voice, and a whole lot more. You can see all the brands on their privacy policy here if you like.

Myopinions Claims To Be The Best Survey Website In Australia
MyOpinions Claims To Be The Best Survey Website In Australia

Is My Opinions Legit?

From the simple fact that they’ve been in business for more than 10 years – yes, My Opinions is a legitimate company.

Now, just because they’re a legit platform that sends out surveys to their users, that doesn’t mean they don’t have any complaints. In fact, on both TrustPilot and Survey Police, the MyOpinions review average is sitting around 1/5 from hundreds of reviews.

Myopinions Reviews On Survey Police
MyOpinions Reviews On Survey Police
Myopinions Reviews On Trustpilot
My Opinions Reviews On Trustpilot

Time and time again users are reporting their accounts are getting deleted when they request payouts for the points they’ve earned. This is an extremely sketchy business practice (but unfortunately very common in the industry) and is definitely going to bring down the overall average My Opinions review.

How Much Can You Earn?

You can earn quite a bit for each survey MyOpinions sends through. At most I think I made around $5 (in reward points) for a survey which took maybe 20 minutes to complete so it’s definitely worth it when it comes to an hourly wage.

However, after reading so many reviews of MyOpinions I didn’t stick around for too long simply based on all the other reviews out there of users getting their accounts terminated when trying to redeem their points. Of course, I’m sure many users are getting paid out, I just think there are plenty of other good sites out there who we’re better off with.

How Does My Opinions Pay?

There are two options to redeem your rewards points at MyOpinions. The first is Paypal (thank you!) so you can get it straight in cash and then instantly use it anywhere you like.

The Two Methods You Can Use To Cashout Your Points On Myopinions
The Two Methods You Can Use To Cashout Your Points On MyOpinions

The second is a gift card (which just about every other survey site has anyway).

You Can Redeem A Range Of Gift Cards With Your Myopinions Reward Points
You Can Redeem A Range Of Gift Cards With Your MyOpinions Reward Points

Does MyOpinions Do Anything Special?

Yep – they host a quarterly competition where they give away $5,000 to one lucky member. Bianca F. from Warradale was the winner of the $5,000 in Q3 2018. There’s nothing special you need to do to enter the competitions as entries are given for each survey you complete during that quarter.

$5,000 Giveaway At Myopinions Each Quarter
$5,000 Giveaway At MyOpinions Each Quarter

They also have a refer a friend program which gives a bonus 500 points for the first 5 people that signup and complete a survey through your link.

What Do I Think About MyOpinions?

I like their website, I like the emails they send out, I like the surveys that come with them, and I like the fact they give members Paypal as an option to redeem my points. All of that put together makes it like this My Opinions review is going to be pretty positive right? Nope.

However, with hundreds of users reporting their accounts getting terminated for no real reason when trying to redeem their points definitely brings down the positive review so far.

Normally I’d say you’ve got nothing to lose when signing up to a paid survey site and to just go for it and see how it goes, but it’s may not worth it when you’d be putting in all the hard work and there’s a chance that you’ll see absolutely no reward for it.

Sign Up

Want to give MyOpinions a go? No worries. Sign up is free and you’ll be ready to take their surveys in no time.

Tap the button to get started.

If you’ve like to learn a little more about My Opinions before signing up, check out their Facebook account.

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Hi there! I'm Grace - I'm a stay at home Mum living just outside of Melbourne. I have two boys, 5 & 8 years old (both are little rascals!). I do surveys and a few other things online to help out my family financially and blog about it here at HomeBee. Got a question? Ask me in the comments below!

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