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Livetribe is an Australian based online survey platform open to Aussies and New Zealanders. It’s been running since 2008 and has grown to become one of the favourites for many survey takers with all the extra areas their platform has.

About LiveTribe

LiveTribe is an online survey company that has a number of activities you can do to earn rewards. They’re open to Australian and New Zealand residents and are bringing online research into a new era.

On top of the traditional surveys they have, you can also review products, enter in shopping diaries, take polls, participate in forums, and enter into competitions – all earning you rewards which you can redeem for a number of goodies.

Livetribe Focuses On Building A Community
LiveTribe Focuses On Building A Community

LiveTribe has been around since 2008, maybe them one of the veteran paid surveys in Australia. They’ve grown to have thousands of members sharing their opinions with Australian brands and organisations and helping them influence their future marketing and product decisions.

LiveTribe is owned by i-Link Research Solutions Pty Ltd which is an Australian Registered Company.

Is LiveTribe Legit?

You bet! As mentioned in the brief summary, Livetribe has been operating as a market and social research survey company in Australia since 2008. That means they’ve been sending out surveys for over 10 years now!

They have an active community full of thousands of Australians and New Zealanders. All participating in surveys, competitions, polls, forums, and more.

Some Of The Charities Livetribe Supports
Some Of The Charities LiveTribe Supports

On top of that, they support a number of local charities including Buy A Bale, One Voice, and The Beauty Bank. You can read more about their charitable efforts here.

How Much Can You Earn?

It is one of the lower paying sites, which they try to make up for with a few different sections they have (games etc.).

800 points equals around $1 in cash (varies slightly depending on if you redeem for a gift car or straight cash). Here’s a little table that shows how many points different types of surveys will pay:

Survey Length Points
<5 minutes 350 points
6-10 minutes 550 points
11-15 minutes 700 points
16-20 minutes 1100 points
21-25 minutes 1500 points
26-30 minutes 2000 points
>30 minutes 2000 points

How Does LiveTribe Pay?

You can choose from one of 3 different methods to redeem your earnings.


One of the most popular methods is to get it sent straight to your nominated bank account.

Officially, it’s supposed to take between 6-8 weeks, but quite a few other users are reporting it’s now taking 10+ weeks. That’s a long time to send a $50 payment.


The next method is Paypal, it’s a fairly similar method to EFTPOS except they’ll just send the money to your Paypal email address instead.

Again, 6-8 weeks to process this method of payment.

Flexi eGift Card

Lastly, the Flexi eGift Card. Again, a popular option for many survey platforms to pay their users in because it ensures you spend the money back at many of the places that pay for these surveys in the first place.

Livetribe also prefers this method because it has the highest conversion rate from points to cash.

I did a bit more math and worked out if you choose a gift card, you’ll get about 12% more money instead of if you choose EFTPOS. Up to you.

Click here to see all the places you can spend the gift cards at.

If you know you want to spend the money at one of those places, might as well get the gift card. Better conversion, and it takes less time to process.

Rewards Available With Livetribe
Rewards Available With Livetribe

Do They Do Anything Special?

They do! And they have the most extras out of any of the survey sites I’ve ever seen.

Here’s what else you can participate in on their platform:

  • Polls – cast your vote on quite a few interesting questions
  • Sports tipping – AFL or NFL your game? Win their yearly tipping comp and win over 40,000 points (around $50) – my husband would love this one!
  • Competitions – $400 is given away every month ($100 to four people), just answer a question and you’ll be in the draw
  • Noble causes – donate your points to charities and causes making the world a better place
  • Online games – the highest scores each month win 40,000 points ($50)
  • Community forum – take part in interesting discussions around a variety of topics in Australia

What Do I Think About LiveTribe?

It’s been OK. I feel like this is one of the lowest paying sites though which is why they need all the extra parts of their platform (games & polls) to keep us interested and still completing surveys.

I only got one payout with them before I decided to move on. I just felt there were better survey sites I could be spending more time on for a higher reward to effort ratio. But hey, it might be different for you.

Would I recommend you give them a go? Sure. They’ve built up a nice little active community which is quite fun to participate in, but don’t count on LiveTribe being your highest earner.

What Do Other People Think?

A few years ago, there was nothing but praise for LiveTribe across a few of the survey review platforms out there. Unfortunately, there have more negative reviews recently which has turned the tide on their reputation slightly.

Here are a few excerpts I snipped around the place:

I would recommend other sites instead of this one.Tim, Feb 18

It is now over 10 weeks & they don’t even answer my emails. Arnold, Nov 17

I’ve got a few payments from them but have to admit that they points take quite long to accumulate, as they surveys dont pay hugely. Bernard, Jul 13

Have you used them in the past? Are you using them now? I’d love to hear about your experience with them.

Click here to head to the bottom and write a review.

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