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IRI Shopper Panel is a unique survey platform where the surveys actually come second. Instead, the platform’s main focus is to reward you for scanning and pricing all the products you buy through their app Scan n Go.

About IRI Shopper Panel

IRI Shopper Panel is a quite unique way to earn a little bit of extra cash. The way it works is during, or after you finish grocery shopping (many people do it after because it’s easier) you scan in all the items you purchased into their app. Each week you scan, you’ll get rewarded for it. There are also bonuses paid out for consistently scanning over 6 weeks or so.

Ok..but how does IRI Shopper panel make money? They provide the data from thousands of people scanning on their shopping to retailers and manufacturers. This data helps them make decisions on their products and services to try and increase sales. IRI Shopper Panel will also occasionally send you surveys about a specific product you bought, which will earn you more rewards.

Iri Shopper Panel Scan And Go App
IRI Shopper Panel Scan And Go App

IRI Shopper Panel has been around for quite a while now, and they’ve built up a pretty big community on Facebook and their website. Once you join, there are plenty of tips and tricks shared by veteran members of the scanning and earning program.

All in all, IRI Shopper Panel does have paid surveys, but their main focus on rewarding their members is by scanning in their grocery shopping.

Still want to learn more? Check out their Instagram and Youtube accounts.

Is IRI Shopper Panel Legit?

You bet. IRI Shopper Panel has been rewarding its members for scanning in their shopping for quite a few years now, and there have been very few complaints against them.

Their company is owned by the US-based Information Resources, Inc. The company was established in 1994 and now has operations all around the world. IRI Shopper Panel in Australia is just one small part of their whole business.

In Australia, the legal entity is called Information Resources (Australia) Ptd Ltd. You can find more information on them here.

How Much Can You Earn?

There’s a special bonus going on if you sign up now and start scanning straight away. If you download their app and scan some of your purchases for 6 weeks in a row, you’ll get a bonus $20 gift card.

But how much can you earn per week?

Like other survey sites, instead of rewarding you in dollars, you earn Reward Points which can then be redeemed for gifts and vouchers.

With IRI Shopper Panel, no matter how many items or shops you do each week, all members get a set amount of points (as long as you do at least one scan that week). If you do scan at least one shop, you’ll get rewarded 300 points. Get into the habit of scanning your shop each week and getting the 300 points – that’s the main part.

To redeem a $20 prepaid VISA card, you’ll need around 7000 points. So 1 point is worth around $0.003. At 300 points a week if you scan your shop, your earnings will be around $0.85.

One good way to boost your earnings is through consistency. If you continue to scan every week during the month, you’ll get a bonus 500 points at the end of the month. So you’ll get 1,700 total instead of 1,200.

How Does IRI Shopper Panel Pay?

The main one, and the one that I think you’ll be choosing most often is a prepaid VISA card.  You can choose from a number of amounts depending on how many points you have but it’s the most flexible option in terms of where you can spend the money.

A Screenshot Of The Gift Available In Their Gift Shop
A Screenshot Of The Gift Available In Their Gift Shop

Otherwise, you can redeem your reward points for other gift vouchers, toys, electronics, or a number of other items. It changes every now and then so the best way to see what’s there is to login to your account and visit the Gift Shop area.

Do They Do Anything Special?

There are a number of cool little ways for you to boost the amount of points you earn. The first one is, to be consistent. Scan each week and you’ll get a bonus 500 points at the end of the month.

On top of that, complete their surveys when they send them out. They’re a bit irregular but you’ll get an extra 250 – 500 points for doing so.

Refer a friend and you’ll get a bonus 1000 points. To get the points, all your friend has to do is send through one shop scan.

An Example Of The Competition On Iri's Facebook Page
An Example Of The Competition On Iri’s Facebook Page

IRI Shopper Panel also runs regular competitions and giveaways through their email newsletters and on their Facebook page. They run a monthly quote competition which is pretty fun to enter and read through other entries.

Lastly, they give a bonus of 200 points on your birthday! And on each of your household member’s birthdays as well. Not bad at all!

What Do I Think About IRI Shopper Panel?

I’ve quite enjoyed it so far. There are two ways I’ve scanned in my shop. I first tried doing it at home after everything was done and then scanned them in as I put it away. But I read some people found it easier to scan it in whilst your shopping.

I didn’t even know you could do this at first but I tried it out once and found it much smoother and quicker. I can scan the item, and see the price of it right on the shelf. Instead of scanning the item, then looking through the receipt for how much it costs.

Also, when I get home after shopping, I usually just want to put it all away and get it off the kitchen bench as fast as possible. And being able to scan whilst shopping made this part a whole lot easier.

But that’s just me! Give both ways a try and see which one you prefer then keep doing that.

What Do Other People Think?

IRI Shopper Panel is definitely one of the favourites out there in terms of survey platforms and earning weekly rewards. Many people have found it integrates quite smoothly with their weekly shopping (as has been my experience as well).

Here are a few snippets from what other people have said:

Anyways there is not much effort to get rewarded, just a scan of the items you purchased; easy and simple.Sruthi, Apr 18

i joined up maybe about a year ago, scan every week our shopping and get points, simple and actually fun! Steven, Feb 18

Absolutely highly recommended for everyone to join. The rewards are wide ranging in choices. Nicky, Oct 16

Sign up

Signing up to IRI Shopper Panel is free but does take a little bit of time. Tap the button to start the process on their website.

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