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HomeBee is the #1 resource for Australian’s looking to work from home, make a bit more money online, or simply just explore the possibilities of not having a traditional job.

Whether you’re looking to just make a few extra dollars here and there, or you’re looking for a fulltime job you can do in the comfort of your own home (or in Bora Bora!), HomeBee can hopefully help you get started and on your way.

I’m (Grace Moore) the lead author at HomeBee. I’m the one who’ll do most of the reviews on the paid survey platforms and organise most of the other articles as well. I also spend a bit of time reviewing and vetting the work from home positions to make sure they’re actually real and not just a scam.

Occasionally, I’ll get in touch with other Mums, Dads, and anyone else who works from home in Australia to share their story with you guys – hopefully, to inspire you to start or keep going to realise your online money making journey. You can read about all their stories here.

Have an idea? I’d love to hear it! Get in touch with me here.

Quality of Reviews

I’ll always aim to provide you with the most in-depth, thorough, and accurate reviews of paid surveys available for all Australians.

What does this mean? It means I don’t just look at their website and re-write it in a blog post.

I actually sign up. I spend more than a bit of time on their system, filling out surveys, seeing what they’re about, and understanding how their payment system works.

Most importantly, I’m more than happy to get scammed. Why? So I can then blog about it here and warn the rest of you not to sign up.

There’s no place in Australia, or the world for that matter, for survey scams. If you think you’ve been scammed or know someone else who’s been scammed – I’d love to hear about it. Get in touch with me here.

Why I do it

The main reason I decided to start HomeBee, was because when I was first starting out making some money online through paid surveys and a few other things, I found many of the posts and articles already out there, weren’t really suitable for Australians or they were extremely out of date (2015 reviews etc.).

Most focused on the US, UK, or Canadian population as well. And with where you live playing a big part in the number of surveys you get (a USA company that doesn’t sell in Australia probably don’t care what we think), I thought many others like me would be having the same problem.

And so, I decided to make HomeBee.

Why HomeBee

Before I tell you – can you guess?

Home – because most of us will be at home when we’re going our work

Bee – this is a silly one but my 8 year old was always calling me a bee for running around the house all day, the cheeky one!

And so – HomeBee.

What next? Head back to the homepage for more goodies, or get in touch with me here if you have any ideas, feedback, or questions.

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